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About Me

I was born in Vienna and grew up there as the daughter of Holocaust survivors. The story of my parents made me move to Israel in 1979. Dealing with Israel, questions of Jewish identity and antisemitism are among the central questions of my life and are closely intertwined with my professional career.


I am a lecturer, workshop facilitator and educational consultant dealing with Israeli society, antisemitism, the intergenerational impact of the Holocaust, Jewish and Israeli identity.


My most recent book “Nothing New in Europe? – Israelis look at Antisemitism today” has been published in 2021.

Over many years I have acquired expertise in communicating Israeli reality in all its complexity to international groups, by cooperating with public adult and youth education institutions, universities, civil society organizations and Holocaust memorials.


Nothing New in Europe

Israelis look at Antisemitism today


Lectures and workshops: range of topics

My presentations and workshops can be adapted to various time frames, the desired focus, and the respective target group. Theoretical inputs combined with biographical, everyday-oriented, and current examples, which is why they are also suitable for digital formats.

The State of Israel - A Land of Challenges

Israeli Society: Fault Lines and Common Ground

Jewish Identity and Identities in Contemporary Israel

The Impact of the Holocaust on Israeli Society

Jewish Culture of Remembrance in Israel and Its Significance for the Present

Nothing New in Europe? Israeli Perspectives on Antisemitism today

We, the Children of Holocaust Survivors: Long Live Life!

The Role of Holocaust Survivors in Israeli Society

Lectures & Worksops


Thank you!


Anita Haviv-Horiner © All rights reserved  |  Photographer: Sabine Frank

Anita Haviv-Horiner © All rights reserved  |  Fotos: Sabine Frank

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